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Group Income Disability Insurance Plan (GIDIP) Trustee Posting – Pacific Region

April 4, 2024 at 1:44 PM

The Pacific Region Group Income Disability Insurance Plan (GIDIP) representative term of office is ending and is being posted.

At each Executive Board meeting all appointed positions, (including this one), are reviewed especially as the term is coming to an end. Often the review will end with a reappointment of the incumbent for another term. It is recognized that the experience and training garnered over the years can make an incumbent invaluable and the best person for the position. However, it is also recognized that these positions are not automatically lifelong appointments and reposting them occasionally is part of the Local’s due diligence. As such, this position is being posted.

The Pacific GIDIP representative position covers Air Canada, Aeroplan and CLS Catering. Any member in good standing from one of these units may apply.

The Unifor Local 2002 Health and Welfare Trust is a trustee plan operated at arm’s length from the Local Union. It is overseen by five (5) trustees appointed by the Unifor Local 2002 Executive Board. Each GIDIP Trustee is appointed for a three-year term. The term appointments are staggered to ensure experienced trustees are always available to assist members.

The GIDIP trustee board holds the legal title to the trust property on behalf of the beneficiary, the membership. The Board of Trustees accepts a fiduciary relationship with the beneficiary of the trust. Trustees are required to attend quarterly trustee meetings in Toronto at the Plan Administrators (Canadian Benefits) office. The meetings take place quarterly at which time the management of the Fund is reviewed and members’ concerns regarding their insurance claims are reviewed and addressed.

 GIDIP Board of Trustees Responsibilities:

  • Monitoring the development of the GIDIP program
  • Negotiating with the insurance underwriter concerning benefits coverage and improvements
  • Annual renewal of the Plan including premium rates
  • Underwriting revisions and debatable claim situations
  • Overseeing the overall effectiveness of the GIDIP program


  • Must be a Unifor member in good standing at Air Canada, Aeroplan or CLS Catering
  • A self-starter
  • Have an interest in employee benefits.
  • Commit to serving the membership fairly and equitably.
  • Bilingualism (French/English) is an asset.
  • Union experiences an asset.

This position requires that the successful candidate volunteer a sizable amount of time to handle members’ calls for assistance. This would be on the Trustee’s own time and maybe at irregular hours. The successful applicant must also desire to expand his/her knowledge through ongoing training.

The term of office ends April 30, 2027, and is subject to a yearly review.  Only qualified applicants will be interviewed.

Please mail, scan or fax your statement of qualifications and cover letter no later than no later than Wednesday, April 17, 2024, at noon EST to:

Unifor Local 2002 – Kerry Turner: GIDIP Trustee Position
7015 Tranmere Drive, Suite 5
Mississauga, ON L5S 1M2
Fax: 1-905-678-0100 / 1-866-635-5956
Email: [email protected]


27 March 2024

Scholarship Info update in Education section on Main Menu

25 March 2024.

13 March 2024

07 March 2024

01 March 2024

07 January 2024

Updated Office Hours

Good news. Now that we have two people in the office we are able to cover Saturdays as well. Office Hours have expanded to 1900 as well. Having said that, we may be in the old office at the Ops Centre where we have wifi and a functional office or in the new Airside office underneath C31. The Company still have not given us a firm date but we are hoping it is sooner rather than later when we will get to move.

02 January 2024.

4 December 2023

Here we are… December

Let me start off with a progress report. My team and I have now been at this for a month now and I believe we have progressed quite a bit from where we were a month ago. We have taken some courses but there is still much to learn.

The website is now up and running.  We are still waiting for the Company to do the demo and coordinate the move from our home of many years at the ops centre to our new in terminal home below Gate 31. Hopefully Santa will deliver.  For those of you trying to contact me via Telegram please use email through the website or use the dc101 address as I do not monitor Telegram. 

We have filed 10 grievances since taking office (that’s like 2 per week!) and I’d like to think that we’ve won a fair share.  With the ones that we have escalated we have been successful in reducing the penalties in some cases. 

This will also serve as my Christmas message as I will not be back until after the turkey is but a memory.  For those of you who may not observe Christmas please substitute with whatever you may celebrate. What matters is that we celebrate the holidays in a manner that is special to ourselves and we tolerate what our neighbours are celebrating.  Tolerance and respecting our neighbours- that’s what will create peace. 

Tolerance and respect applies here in the workplace as well. In the past little while that has been lacking here with reports of harassment and bullying in the workplace. In fact, it was so prevalent that your union was instrumental in getting training in Diversity, Equity and Inclusion instituted here. 

As we transition from and fall its fog and rain please be careful. Give yourself some extra time to get to work. It’s better to arrive safe and relax with a coffee than it is to be panicking about clocking in and getting involved in an accident. Safety First. It’s on the Flight Path. And that does not stop once you are here either. 

Deployment must give you travel time to get to your duty. If you aren’t going to make it, please be respectful and give them ample time to find a replacement for you. If they all of a sudden reassign you to be the outside person at an off bridge operation, Streamline should give you time to get outside wear and PPE if they are not provided.  Remember, day of, the company has the right to move you based on qualifications so please be prepared for them to move you to E94 Ramp Direct. 

For those of you who are new to Air Canada, I ask that you become familiar with the contract. During my absence Margarita will be in the office downstairs so don’t be shy and drop in to say “Hi.”

Be safe and Happy Holidays. 

In Solidarity,



November 21, 2023

This word has come up in my thoughts a lot in the almost three weeks I have been at my new job. Rather than the empowerment of Aretha Franklin’s version but more like Rodney Dangerfield’s. It’s actually quite disheartening the stories that have been conveyed to me. 

Most recently one of our colleagues returned from vacation to notice personal effects were taken from their locker at Jazz. Please respect others belongings. If it’s not yours, leave it alone. Just remember both the company and the union have zero tolerance when it comes to theft.  

However it’s not just personal effects. There has been far too much trouble with carts. Please respect carts that have been assigned to others. If there isn’t a cart available for yourself, advise deployment and expect to do a manual push. Then, when you are finished, return it to wherever you borrowed it from. Deployment also needs to respect travel times and the time it takes to put our toys away.  

I have also been told of instances of bullying and harassment – not just anecdotal accounts but I have witnessed actual copies of texts. More respect needs to be shown to our colleagues that may be struggling. Words that may seem innocuous to one may be taken as offensive and hurtful to others. So, if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all and walk away. And if you hear such hate, report it.  Again bullying and harassment is not tolerated by the company nor by the union. 

In Solidarity.  


November 20, 2023

Hello Everyone,
We have been advised that the Company will be “testing” its tentative Virtual CSD.
It could happen anytime , including today.
The selection process of the CES who will be part of the experiment has not been communicated.
The Company has presented this a technical trial for the process.
Customers in Toronto will scan a code.
Their queries would then be answered by a CES in Vancouver.
We will do our due diligence in ensuring that the process is fair and respectful of our members.
In Solidarity and Iron Focus
Soppo and Eric and Team.

November 16, 2023

So here we are, a fortnight in so I thought it was about time for a progress report. 

First of all, our new onsite office. I spoke with Corporate Real Estate today and they surveyed the current office at the Ops Centre. They felt it best to coordinate the demo and the move to minimize our down time. I agree. Until then, I will continue to work out of the Ops Centre where I’m closer to Manpower and the GIDIP trustee as well as the space in the terminal. Hopefully Santa will deliver before Christmas. 

Speaking of Santa, if we stay above 601 agents as of year end, he will deliver a second full time representative for the office starting January 1. 

This past week I was able to get the desktop computer in the old office which I was told was broken, up and running.  You could say Santa gave us a computer for Christmas. When we eventually move, this will allow us to be more productive. 

The website is still under development but our Local has established a means through telegram for me to disseminate information. The QR code is available on the union bulletin board in the lunch room to subscribe to this newsletter. 

The newly minted vice chairs and myself will be taking the first of many courses starting next week. Frankly the training can’t come quickly enough as there are many issues that we face on a daily basis. I encourage those of you who are relatively new to Air Canada to make yourself familiar with our contract. Hard copies are available through our office downstairs but electronic versions are available through the Aeronet. If you suspect the Collective Agreement is not being followed, take pictures and forward them to myself. Be sure to use a non work email to contact us. 

Starting next month, I will be rotating my vice chairs through the office starting with Margarita. Office hours should remain unchanged Monday to Friday 0900-1700. 

The best way to get a hold of us is the office number 604-270-5060 or by email [email protected]. We do not monitor social media even though my newsletter is broadcast on Telegram. 

I’d like to close with two topics that have come up in the past two weeks. 

 1. Not having the tools to do our jobs. Radios and PDAs. If the company is expecting us to use them, we should comply. Personal phones should not be used. In fact phone calls only allow two people to be aware of the details. Radio calls allow all working the flight to be aware. If your device dies and you do not have time to go upstairs to get a new one ask streamline what they want you to do. Do not make excuses that the device died.  The other tool that has been causing me grief are the carts. If there are insufficient carts advise streamline and expect to do a manual push. 

 2. Social media. We all signed off on the Code of Conduct when we got hired. Even if you have forgotten about it, the Company has not. If you need to re-familiarize yourself with the policy, search for it on the Aeronet. Pay special attention to the section pertaining to Social Media. You have been warned. 

In solidarity,


November 10, 2023

Many of you have seen the 12 new lines that Manpower announced this week. There was some confusion with the calendar. 

Management has proposed a tentative start date of December 3. This would be the second day off for an F1 cycle. In other words, Dec 3 would be the 4th column.

November1, 2023

Happy November.  My team and I have now officially started our terms as District Chair, Vice Chairs as well as Health and Safety Reps.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank those who showed your confidence in me. I’d also like to ask those who did not vote for me to allow me to show you that I am here for you.  Although I am still on holidays until the end of the week, my team and I have already met over the past few days. 

I want to reinforce the topics that I will pursue during my tenure. 

1. Education – With over half of our colleagues with less than 18 months of seniority and two thirds with less than 5 years, I believe that for the majority it is the first time in a unionized work environment. I will endeavour to educate the workforce on your rights. To do that I will get the District 101 Website up and running in the coming weeks. 

2. Job protection – We must be vigilant that management not do our work. If you witness managers doing our work, forward evidence to me or your vice chairs. 

3. Higher wages – As we get closer to bargaining in a couple of years,  we need to collectively decide what we want. 

4. Safe work site – This is not just the obvious things like correct lifting techniques to protect our backs and wearing PPE to be seen and protect our hearing but includes harassment such as the increased use of letters by management. We are heading to a record number of grievances. 

While on the subject of a safe workplace, I have been told of a very disturbing situation where an agent tattled on their colleague causing much harm. Let me just say, I will not tolerate such behaviour. If you don’t agree with what an individual is doing, walk away.  There is nothing to be gained by going to a manager. If you want to be a manager, then be a manager. 

As long as you are in the union and expect protection of said union, then there is the responsibility to protect your colleagues.  And if you are witness to such behaviour, say something for if you do not, you are just as culpable. 

I have also been asked on my feelings about taking pictures. While on the public area, there is nothing that we can do that prevent pictures from being taken but in our private offices, pictures should only be taken with consent. Also, before you post that picture, remember the code of conduct  that we all signed.

Join us for a special May Day webinar: 01 May at 4 pm Eastern
Dear members,
May Day is known across the world as International Workers’ Day, a day to celebrate and honor the struggles and victories of the working class. This May Day comes as the COVID-19 pandemic still rages in many parts of the world. Frontline workers continue to face the threat of illness, contagion and death. Workers, especially young workers, are organizing their workplaces and fighting for the union protections they need in these times. We recognize that today’s struggles are shaped and influenced by the fights of yesterday. This May Day, the North American Solidarity Project is inviting union members, activists and allies to attend a webinar called Uniting Worker Voices from across North America. Workers from across the continent will share their experiences on the front line of today’s struggles, and special guest Professor Rosemary Feurer will bring a historical perspective on the labour movement. Professor Feurer is an associate professor in the Department of History at the Northern Illinois University. Over her career, Feurer has published a number of works of labour history, including two books: Against Labor: How U.S. Employers Organized to Defeat Union Activism, and Radical Unionism in the Midwest, a history of UE District 8. She has also long studied the life and work of renowned labor activist and agitator Mother Jones. The online exchange will take place on Saturday, May 1 from 4:00 to 5:30 p.m. Eastern Time on zoom. Advance registration is required. The North American Solidarity Project is a joint effort to transform the labour movement in North America based on democratic, militant, and social unionism, and true internationalism between workers in the United States, Mexico and Canada.

Register here
Read the full statement on our website. ***

2009 Air Canada Share Trust Agreement

Pls note the other communication can be found in the Pension Category

2024 Scholarship Application

More information will follow in the spring. Check back frequently for updates

Unifor recognizes that the costs associated with post-secondary education is a challenge for many working-class families.  To assist in making education more accessible, we have established 28 scholarships of $2,000.00 each.  Five of these scholarships are administered by the Quebec Council with a separate application form (see www.uniforquebec.org).  Residents of Quebec must apply using that application process.

The scholarships are awarded to children of Unifor members in good standing.  Students must be entering their first year of full-time post-secondary education (university, community college, technological institute, trade school, etc.) in a public Canadian institution.  One of these scholarships will also be available to a Unifor member with at least one year seniority.  These are entrance Scholarships only and are not renewable for students entering subsequent years of study.

Scholarship applications are evaluated by a selection committee composed of Unifor National Education Department staff and Local Union Discussion Leaders. The selection committee reviews hundreds of applications annually and considers many factors when evaluating applications including academic achievement, responses to essay questions, and a demonstrated commitment to social justice through extracurricular activities and volunteerism. In addition, the selection committee ensures that scholarship awards are distributed to best reflect the regional, sectoral, and membership diversity of Unifor.

2024 Scholarship Application Important Dates

Using the Online Application

Your application must be submitted using the online application form NO LATER THAN .

All applicants will be notified by email after  of the status of their application.

Click on the appropriate link below to complete your online application.  Please ensure that you have READ THE INSTRUCTIONS✎ EditSign carefully, and have the following documents ready on your device for upload with your application.

  1. Current high school transcript (children of Unifor members only)
  2. Reference letter
  3. Local Union Officer signature form✎ EditSign
  4. Essay Answers

PLEASE NOTE:  Any partially completed applications, or applications missing any of the required documents, will result in an error message and cannot be submitted.  Please ensure you have all documents available before submitting.

CLICK HERE to apply as the child of a Unifor member.

CLICK HERE to apply as a Unifor Member.

Questions?   Email [email protected]

Scholarship Application

Earth Day 22 April

WEBINAR SIGN UP 22 April 2021 at 6 Pm EST

On April 22 we celebrate Earth Day.

This year, we mark Earth Day in a context where the COVID-19 pandemic continues to create an unfair burden on working people all over the world. As a trade union, we know all too well that the devastating impact of COVID-19 on the lives, livelihoods and well-being of working people in Canada and abroad. Similarly, the climate crisis, and our society’s failure to plan for it, will result in a disproportionate weight on working people, especially racialized communities and their families.

This is a day to reflect on the importance of our environment and the clear connection that it shares in the lifelong health of all of us and our families. As well, we recognize with solemn consideration how social activism, humanity and overall concern for a safe environment will ensure our victory over the threat of COVID-19 virus and all other global health challenges to the human race.

We are well aware of our need to build back a green economy and have recognized this in our Unifor Build Back Better campaign.

We are committed to making existing jobs more environmentally sustainable, while simultaneously advocating to create more decent-paying, full-time, safe and healthy green jobs in all sectors of society.

Our recent success in auto bargaining bringing billions of dollars of manufacturing investment to Canada for electric vehicles is proof of our commitment.

Our members demand that we protect their jobs and incomes. At the same time, our members also demand that we work hard to improve the environment. Both demands are reasonable ones and we understand we cannot accomplish this alone.

Therefore we have joined with other labour unions and climate justice organizations in Canada, the United States and Mexico working together to make a green economy reality.

The North American Solidarity Project is a joint effort to transform the labour movement in North America based on democratic, militant, and social unionism, and true internationalism between workers in the United States, Mexico and Canada. 

The North American Solidarity Project is inviting union members, activists and allies to attend an online exchange called COVID-19 to climate, workers respond to crisis.

The online exchange will take place on Thursday, April 22 from 6 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. Eastern Time on Zoom. Advance registration is required.

The panel will aim to define crisis as experienced by working people today. The panel will seek to envision what labour climate action looks like now and for future generations.

Register here


Essential Worker Confirmation Letter for COVID-19 Vaccination

More Information Available on Aeronet



Message from Don Ross Unifor 2002

Aviation Recovery

Aviation Recovery
From: Don Ross, Unifor 2002 Interim President

Dear Unifor Member,
On behalf of the Unifor 2002 Executive Board and our Unifor Executive Team, I would like to thank you for participating in our ongoing campaign to promote an Aviation Recovery Plan to the Canadian Government. If you have not had the opportunity to complete this short petition, we invite you to take a moment to help all aviation sector workers. Please click here. Completing this form will only take a moment of your time. Canada needs a plan to ensure the aviation industry is able to weather this storm and come out the other side intact. Please make sure your Member of Parliament hears from you. Thank you for your support.
 In Solidarity, Don Ross
Unifor 2002 Interim President



Message from Your District Chair, Cathy (Reconciliation) -04 March

Vacation Equalization for 2020 – 04Mar
First vacation statement issued ……………………. Mar 12/2021
Timebank deduction (if you owe) ………………… Apr 14/2021 
Air Canada payouts/Employee deductions ….. Apr 28/2021

Please check your AC email for a detailed explanation and go to HR connex after 
Mar12th to view your Vacation statement. 

Message from Your District Chair, Cathy Wear your Mask – 24FEB

As highly infectious strains of Covid-19 circulate please remember to wear your mask at all times unless you are eating or drinking. Socializing in the lunchroom/North Leads office/Jazz office or badging out are not acceptable moments to be mask-less.  Stay safe !! 

Message from Your District Chair, Kathy Wage Increase -22FEB

Our yearly negotiated wage increase will be effective Sunday Mar 7th as it is the beginning of the next pay period.

Message from Your District Chair, Kathy STOC CONX DESK – 19FEB

Due to Covid-19 the Stoc Conx Desk 1 year lock in has been suspended until further notice.

Message from Your District Chair, Kathy Racism – 29 jan

Racism – 29Jan
The Union and Company have zero tolerance towards racism. It has no place in our work environment. What some may think is funny, can be deeply offending to others. Lets respect and celebrate diversity and keep an open mindedness towards other cultures. 

Air Canada CSSA update on joint planning committee process
In December, 2020, Air Canada applied to the Minister of Labour for a waiver of the Group Termination provisions of the Canada Labour Code pertaining to members who were laid off earlier in 2020. The Employer was arguing that they should not have to follow the Canada Labour Code provisions due to the pandemic. Unifor, along with other Air Canada unions filed objections to this application. In mid-February, 2021, Air Canada’s application for the waiver was denied by the Minister of Labour. Per the Labour Code requirements, Air Canada posted the Notice of Group Termination on February 16th in all of the work locations. As the waiver has been denied, Air Canada is mandated to form a joint planning committee with each of the unions involved. Your Air Canada Bargaining committee will form the Unifor Local 2002 component of the joint committee. The joint planning committee is formed to develop an adjustment program to try to eliminate the necessity for the termination of employment, to minimize the impact of the termination of employment on the redundant employees and to assist those employees in obtaining other employment. In the event the joint committee is not able to agree on the process or terms required to facilitate the mandate of the committee, an arbitrator can be requested by either component of the committee, not earlier than March 26th. The role of the arbitrator is to assist the joint planning committee in the development of an adjustment program and to resolve any matters in dispute respecting the adjustment program. Your bargaining committee will be attending the first joint planning committee meeting with Air Canada on Tuesday, March 9, 2021. While we are cautiously optimistic that we will be able to mitigate more of the current layoffs and assist members that wish to move on to alternate employment, we also know that with the sheer volume of members currently on layoff status, we will not be able to mitigate 100% of the layoffs. We will update you with additional information once we meet with the employer.    In solidarity, Your Air Canada Bargaining CommitteeFrances Galambosy, Central Region, Chairperson
Tammy Moore, Atlantic Region
Benoit Lapointe, Eastern Region
Joanne Goulet, Western Region
Steve Murphy, Pacific Region
Leslie Dias, Unifor Director – Airlines Sector